ssp (superior super Protector)

What started only as a dream in the mind's eye of Slith Darkmass has become global salvation.



Superior because they are. Advanced in all ways, better than before; better, stronger, faster; no affiliation. Prior to being superior, there were no other options than deluxe, and perhaps extra-strength.



Super as in super duper. Meaning powerful, extreme, beyond the norm. Our SSPs are truly super-beings because of their remarkable superiority. Prior to super there was only basic, and no one wants that.



Protector, as in a being that protects another being, entity, location, object, etc. Our SSPs protect and serve. That is their life goal, and they are programmed to do it well. Prior to protector, there was simply helper.

DBH (Deluxe Basic Helper)

The SSP came out of the original DBH or Deluxe Basic Helper. These were the first generation SSP style beings and were created in limited numbers with truncated usability factors. However, they were successful enough to warrant our further development and research into bringing our current line of SSPs to the world. All DBHs have been euthanized humanely and are no longer in service, nor are they available for purchase anywhere in the world. There is one in our museum as a tribute and for historical purposes, but it has been preserved and is non-functional.

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  • Earth
    Our SSPs can traverse any terrain through hybrid technologies and natural appendages including tentacles and arachnid legs.
  • Wind
    Look Ma they can fly! Yes, unlike the previous DBH line, our SSPs can fly with bat, bird, and butterfly-like wings. They can go anywhere.
  • Fire
    We have found a way for our SSPs to generate fire as a defense mechanism, they can also withstand flame, and are fire resistant.

SSP Advancements

We have built our SSPs from only the finest DNA samples and traits to serve and protect on land, sea, and air. Now all SSPs can fly with a variety of wing choices from bat to butterfly to bird. None of the DBHs could fly, at best they could hop briefly into the air and hover there for a moment before plopping to the ground, disrupting all activity around them. This was a clunky approach that the SSPs do not have, as they are full of grace.

Our SSPs are imbued with electrical, radioactive, toxic, and other offensive devices. Some are equipped with a variety of defensive horn-like armor arrays, vision enhancements, and additional flame-based utility.

SSP Control

Through our mobile, desktop, and VR apps you have full control of your SSPs and their deployment. All tracking is available on our apps, Gold and Platinum plans offer unlimited tracking. Can you fly a drone, then you can "fly" an SSP, it's just a lot more fun.

Through our strategic templates you can easily configure and deploy your SSPs in no time. Do you need a custom template we can help you with the design of those templates at an extra cost payable in $BTC, no fiat.

  • Deploy
    Globally deploy your SSPs with ease using your mobile device. Sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself. Our SSPs do the heavy lifting.
  • Track
    24/7 tracking up to 100 hours per month for Silver. Tracking is unlimited for all other plans.
  • Results
    You will get great results every time with little effort on your part. Our SSPs are pre-programmed with top tactical planning and execution.


With our support you never have to worry about a thing, every things gonna be alright. Remember we are here for you 24/7 (subject to availability). So keep up your deployments, tactics, strategies, and if there are any hiccups, we can cure them for you with a quick email. All plans include email support, Platinum level includes premium email support. We take pride in our email support, you will too. (Discord in development)

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Darkmass Labs, creators of the Sunny Side Pups (SSPs) is a fictional corporation and part of the lore of the Sunny Side Pup Club NFT Metaverse created by Brainbyte

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