One family with a single objective

The Darkmass family history is long and dates back to the 1400s

Slith Darkmass, the founder of Darkmass Labs has helped save humanity through innovation. Implementing a hybrid of technologies, Darkmass created the SSPs to protect humanity from themselves as well as the inevitable otherworldly invaders.

To be sure, invention and scientific breakthroughs have been core to the Darkmass family throughout the centuries. "Humanity knows not what is at hand, we are here to help." is a famous saying coined by Elius Darkmass in 1605 from their private island in the South Seas. Elius was instrumental in truly putting the Darkmass name on the global map early on with his writings and early research in microscopy.

If we look back even further to the very beginnings, there is not much information that we have, but we do know that the Darkmass family has had a hand in nearly every single important and vital discovery and invention since at least the 1400s. It is a remarkable contribution.

"Humanity should absolutely be grateful, we are", say numerous world leaders around the globe from diverse nations and backgrounds. "The truth is, without Darkmass Labs, where would we even be? Back to the stone age, no doubt." That quote was from a famous speech from another of the many world leaders who know the truth of the Darkmass family and their global positive impact on human society over all these centuries.


Primordial Soup Recipe

Helena Darkmass was literally the first human to create life, out of her special primordial soup recipe. At first it was a healing tonic handing down and used over the centuries. What Helena realized was that this same tonic was actually a recipe for what has been referred to as "the primordial soup", all life springs from on this planet.

Three-fold Diametrum

Building upon the initial inner workings of the single and dual-fold diametrums, Berthold Darkmass was able to create the famous three-fold diametrum, and nothing has been the same ever since. We all know that. There are rumors we are working on the Quad-fold diametrum, and that is simply untrue.

Absolute Life vs. Referential Life

We tend to discuss life in absolutes, but what about referential life? Julius Darkmass was the first to refer to referential life and how it was truly more important in finding out how to extend and shape life the way we want it to be formed, hence the immortalization theory.

Water and Blood

Replacing fluids has always been a keystone to all the great works at hand, water for blood, blood for water. What other fluids can we replace, and or replicate? What was once artificial, is now natural.


DNA sequencing of every genome of every species from the macro to the micro, we have spent countless resources on cataloging all this DNA. We take only the very best features, mixing and matching for ultimate effect, strength, ability, and traits.


Going way back, perhaps to the times of Da Vinci, the Darkmass family has been involved in mechanical and ultimately electronic/digital integration with bio-matter. The works of Mary Shelley were clearly non-fiction, we know that today. We only use the most advanced CPUs and GPUs in our SSPs.


The original master baseline "mother" of all the SSP clones is kept in a protected sterile location, with backup clones of the "mother" scattered throughout the globe, just in case. But to date, there have been zero mishaps, and all our current SSPs are next gen.


Creating chimeras used to be thought of as outlandish, and even scary to some. All SSPs involve some level of hybridization, we are proud to be the first to roll out products and services in this area.

Don't get left behind. We know you wouldn't want that, would you really? Seriously? I mean come on.
Darkmass Labs, creators of the Sunny Side Pups (SSPs) is a fictional corporation and part of the lore of the Sunny Side Pup Club NFT Metaverse created by Brainbyte

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