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Darkmass Labs, creators of the Sunny Side Pups (SSPs) is a fictional corporation and part of the lore of the Sunny Side Pup Club NFT Metaverse created by Brainbyte, who is an artist, animator, video producer, and started his career as a game designer.

Although it would be potentially very cool to order and own an SSP or 100 of them, at the same time we are fairly sure that level of technology is not quite here yet, although it seems like it could really happen, and that would be a nightmarish scenario. However, it would make for a great movie or television series, probably a kick-ass game, or all three! So help make all that come true by becoming part of the Sunny Side Pup Club, you can find out more information on our main Web site https://sunnysidepupclub.com, it all starts with the NFTs. So be sure to join our Discord as well and follow us on Twitter please, thank you so much.
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