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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is an SSP?

An SSP is a genetically and cybernetically enhanced "chimera" clone bio-tool. Cloned from the baseline specimen which is an enhanced coyote first born in 1994 in the Chicagoland area and kept in our secure facility in suspended animation. We do have multiple backup clones stored securely throughout the world, just in case.

Are there any discounts?

Feel free to ask us about our holiday specials, we always have discounts for the right kinds of customers. We can scale with you and your needs over time. Be on the lookout for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals every year. The holiday season is the best time to buy an SSP for that special someone in your life.

Can I use my iPhone to control my SSPs?

Our control apps work on all mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. In addition, we are developing control software for all popular gaming consoles, smart glasses, VR visors, and smart contacts.

How can I reach you?

Our 24/7 email support is your global connection to Darkmass Labs. We save you money and time, through the use of high-speed email. Our platinum level pricing includes priority email, which is even higher-speed than the silver and gold high-speed email. When it comes to email, our email is the lightning speediest! We offer no phone support, voice communication will possibly be available on our Discord in the future. (Discord currently under development.)

Who are SSPs for?

SSPs are here for you, as are we here at Darkmass Labs. If you need security, our SSPs can provide it. Our SSPs can patrol your grounds, warehouses, studios, bases, factories, any facility can be protected by our SSPs from nuclear power plants to popcorn factories. We are even developing a downsized or compact line of SSPs for small businesses. Forget drones, SSPs are far superior and have a true animal instinct imbued with intellect. All SSPs are custom designed for your particular needs. Land, sea, and air, our SSPs are there.

What are your future plans for SSPs?

Most of our plans are hush hush, however we can reveal the following information. We have plans to send SSPs into orbit to protect our precious planet, through our patented Tardigrade hybridization hardening against the vacuum of space.

What is the so-called "Sunny Side Pup Club" ?

The "Sunny Side Pup Club" as they like to be called, is a rogue group of scientists and supporters who are misguided. They believe we abuse our SSPs, which could not be further from the truth. In fact 9 out of 10 geneticists surveyed recommend our SSPs over drones and robotic solutions. Every SSP is treated like one of the family, the Darkmass family. The "Sunny Side Pup Club" has in point of fact stolen a number of our SSPs or "Sunny Side Pups" as they have dubbed them. They claim to be sheltering them from us, and somehow rehabilitating them. We, and our partners throughout the world are monitoring them on a daily basis. If you encounter a rogue SSP, please report the location to us immediately through this email address:

Have more questions?

Reach us at email address withheld for privacy.

Don't get left behind. We know you wouldn't want that, would you?
Darkmass Labs, creators of the Sunny Side Pups (SSPs) is a fictional corporation and part of the lore of the Sunny Side Pup Club NFT Metaverse created by Brainbyte

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